Experienced, London Based man, looking for co-parenting

by Martin7A » 01 Aug 2019

London based mature easy going man looking for Co-Parenting I am a good dad to healthy smart children, but my children have now grown up and have busy lives of there own, and now I miss not being being needed and all what goes with being a good dad.
So I am looking for a Woman who would like to have a child and Coparent with me, I am very easy going, run my own business, healthy, smart, man who loves kids " just can not eat a whole one on my own " JOKE.. So if you would like a good dad for your child one who would be there, good and bad times, who has the experience then get in-touch

by Tuppence » 03 Aug 2019

I maybe interested, I live in wiltshire, I would love a baby but hubby is not so keen. Im looking for an almost fulltime dad and for me to have contact. Although with hormones changing anything can happen LOL.

by Beth13 » 12 Aug 2019

I'm about 30 mins from London , looking for a donor but happy to discuss / consider co parenting arrangement. please contact if you think you can help

by Martin7A » 15 Aug 2019

Hi Beth I would be pleased to help you we are not far away I have up to date paper work on tests all good ready to go, Also can do 4 meets at the best time each month till you get pregnant.

by Jessicaz » 16 Aug 2019

Hi am interested please kindly contact me. Thank you

by Jessicaz » 16 Aug 2019

Am a single female who lives in London. Am interested kindly contact me please. Thanks.

Kind regards


by Martin7A » 17 Aug 2019

Hi Jessicaz but I can not find your user name or your profile so could not message you get in touch with me either here or to me and if I can help I will if not good luck

by M86592 » 20 Aug 2019

Hi ,I am chinese , looking for coparent.

by Lisa75 » 21 Aug 2019

Hi, please have a look at my profile and drop me a line if interested

by Bettvb » 25 Aug 2019


Please drop me a message if interested.

Please include email as I am not a premium member.

I'm based in Edinburgh.

Thank you.


by Martin7A » 15 Oct 2019

Bettvb I have tried to search for your profile on here with no luck

by Lula75 » 29 Dec 2019

I am interested if you are still looking.

by Martin7A » 14 Jan 2020

Hi Lula Yes I am still looking and I am interested but I am not yet a full member if you do wish to go a head I will join so that we can chat to see if we suit each other and go from there I wait for you to wink back or to wright a message here ok

by Debscrow » 28 Feb 2020

Hi new to.this site so not really sure how this all works. Interested to hear more from you.

by Martin7A » 21 Apr 2020

I'm still looking I've helped 3 ladys with sperm donation and I have learned a lot about AI its mainly about timing

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