Edinburgh/Scotland Donor

by MrMoog » 19 Feb 2019

Healthy 35 year old male in Edinburgh. Willing to donate to help singles and couples of any kind achieve their dream of having a child/children in Edinburgh or the rest of Scotland.

It was such a happy event for me when I became a father. I would love to help someone else have this joy in their life.

Will happily go through NI,AI, routes whatever you prefer.

No major health problems and my own children are healthy. The last time I donated to a sperm bank my count was above the average and mobility and morphology showed no issues.

Regards, Dale.

by dolly100 » 14 Jun 2019

I really enjoyed reading your story, its so good of u to help others like myself who are wanting to be mothers, I am same age as you which scares me, had a miscarriage before but I was in awful relationship x would love to know how this process works as I'm new , hope to hear from u dolly100 thanks

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