Dutch Donor

by Caddy » 10 Jul 2013


after reading about the shortage of males, I have considered myself willing to help the females with their big wish.
I am a dutch (caucasian/white) of 28 years, living in gelderland, netherlands. My eyes are brown/green and I have dark blond/brown hair. I am 192cm with a weight of 85kilo and a sporty build, due to cycling and survival runs.
I have never had a std (tested by docter) and an iq of 136 (tested by mensa).
As far as I know, there are no genetic diseases or shortcomings in my family (untested)

Because I am a donor, I have no need for contact. However, I am open to contact if the child wants to know where (s)he comes from when (s)he is older.

Kind regards,

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