Donor wanted in Cambridgeshire

by Lelley23 » 11 Jun 2018


I hope someone can help, I am looking for a sperm donor so I can complete my family by having another child. I already have a child but unfortunately their father passed away suddenly. I am looking for a donor that would match my late husband, blonde hair, blue eyes, and white. I know that it may sound much but as long as they have blue eyes and are white so that my children will look similar.

I would prefer to have no further contact once conceived as I am now used to being by myself, and can comfortably afford another child.

Not sure what else to write but if anyone can help me or wants more information then please reply. I have not paid for membership as yet as I have had a bad experience on another site where the person had actually had the snip, so a bit wary.

by Citscits » 12 Jun 2018

Hi there.

I am happy to discuss this further with you

by Lelley23 » 09 Jul 2018


That would be great please can you tell me a bit a out yourself?

by h1llsy » 20 Jul 2018

Hi I would be interested in discussing things further if you are willing? I am 43 with no children which i desperately want to change. would want to be actively involved in the child's life though. live in Godmanchester.

by Lelley23 » 30 Aug 2018

Hi H1llsy,

I would be interested in talking more with you. I have stopped my subscription on here though.

Any thoughts on how we could contact each other more away from here?

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