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Donor process

Donor process

by PEAnBEE » 02 Oct 2012

We would like to know what actually happens when we choose a donor. As I am in a gay relationship it is not appropriate to have sex with a donor to get pregnant. It would have to be the whole sample pot and turkey baster process.

Do people meet at a hotel, deposit said goods and then leave the woman to the rest of the process?

This is a real grey area for my partner and I. We would just like to know how people normally get it done.


Stacey and Laura

by woodall » 03 Oct 2012

Hi there

have you had any advice on your post? i am in the same boat as you and would love to know more abotu the option :)

by absabs » 04 Oct 2012

Thats how i donate. You need a sterile pot and a 10ml syringe (can be brought from ebay cheaply) .
Some people say leave the sperm for 10 minute till it turns to a milky liquid then use the sperm.


by cita » 08 Oct 2012

Hi all,

I'm new here and also would like to know how its works. How you (donors) delivering your sperm to couple etc?
How about blood tests? I think that anyone wanna be sure that her sperm donor is in good healths....

by akamas » 20 Oct 2012

It's really not that hard. The most common way is to book a cheap hotel room near the donor and then meet them for a long chat in the bar. If you like them enough, you can ask them to donate that night and give them the key for your room and let them know where you have left the sterile container (usually in the bathroom). Then the donor should do his business, come to meet you downstairs to return the key and then leave as quickly as possible.

I think the insemination process is simply to visually inspect the sample to ensure it has liquefied and is not still in a jelly-like state, suck it into a sterile syringe and squirt it into the vagina as far as you can without causing injury. Then some ladies try to achieve orgasm, but I have heard this does not necessarily help. All do agree that keeping the pelvis raised or at least remaining horizontal is preferable to immediately getting up for a walk, as a lot of the semen will likely flow back. I think that is the reason for it being initially congealed for about 10 minutes, so it sticks inside and doesn't immediately run back out again.

If you are not sure about the donor on the initial meeting, ask them to give you some time to think about the donation process and say you will let them know tomorrow if you want to proceed. The most important thing is to listen to your instincts, female intuition is very evolved and is ignored at your peril!

I personally have all the paperwork from a clinic I am donating to which tested for all STIs, Cystic Fobrosis, chromosome karyotyping, blood group and also checked my family medical history. I think this is the minimum I would expect to see if I were a recipient.

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