Donor looking for a vegetarian/vegan lesb couple

by audreyro » 26 Feb 2016

Hi, I'm Audrey Romanis. Not a common name for a guy, I know :)
I'm 1.75, ~70kg, white, vegan, programmer, activist, environmentalist.
From Greece, wants to donate in UK or Germany because my country has draconian laws against sperm donations, and does not recognize non-hetero couples.
I want to donate to a lesbian vegetarian/vegan couple, because I want the kid(s) to grow up healthy, having two parents and learn values of caring for others. Caring is the most important value, everything else derives from it.
Hetero couples are basically ok as well, but why would they need me :)
Note that I don't want any contact with the kid(s), at least not until adulthood.
If you find it interesting, message me for my Skype and we'll take it from there.

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