by WaterAnn » 19 May 2019

Hi, I'm looking for a sperm donor who considers both AI and NI (not just NI) and for donations over several days in a row in mid to late June 2019 when I am ovulating. I would prefer a neutral place like a hotel room. The person I chose must provide a STD test and not had sex in between seeing me so that it's still clear and valid. I live in Nottingham. Thanks.

by Shabraz1 » 13 Jun 2019

Hi Ann, hope you're well, I'm in Birmingham so I'm not far from You, please send me a message :)

by Joejoe90 » 01 Jul 2019

Hi I am very genuinely interested to help
I am down to earth and bubbly 38yrsold

Nottingham based electrician

Have one son so not looking to personally have anymore kids but would like to help 1 or 2 people

Kind regards Joe

by asian40s » 04 Jul 2019

Hi, i can donate, i'm a 49 year old healthy asian guy, friendly and easy to get along with, can travel to you for free, let me know if interested, thanks.

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