Donor From New England

by Vega » 05 Feb 2011

21 year old college Senior with a long road of education and training ahead of him before he even enters the working world, but I've always had the drive to be a father.

As I can't support a family (or devote the time to one), I'm looking to donate.

Located in MA currently, but also live in CT outside of school. Willing to travel short distances if I have to and I'd like to keep in touch with any acceptors in some way, if AI works out for them. I'd like to track the progress of any children, even if I can't be with them directly. (And that'll keep me until I can be a real father to any slew of kids I can muster, once the world lets me).

Check my profile and message if interested.

by Abi143 » 05 Jun 2011

Hello i'm interested i also live in MA just moved here from CT let me know if you still would like to do this

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