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by ChrisMa » 29 Jul 2012

I'm a 31 year-old male from Manchester, 5"10 ish, medium build, blue eyes and perfectly healthy. After seeing some friends of mine go through a long struggle with infertility and IVF I applied to be a registered sperm donor but it doesn't seem to be possible as I work 9-5.30 weekdays and am not available during scheduled clinic hours on a regular basis. My mother herself experienced fertility issues and adopted a brazilian orphan (my wonderful brother Andrew) several months before I was miraculously conceived, so I understand through my own family circumstances the pain and heartache of years of struggle. I come from a lovely family and am educated to bachelors degree level (first class) and have a good level of intelligence. I've never committed a crime and have no history of mental or significant physical illness.
Please contact me if you need help. I'm not looking to be a parent myself yet, but am very happy to talk to any straight or lesbian couples, or single women who need, because it is a need, to have child.

by needsu » 01 Nov 2012

Hi chris,

Me and my partner Sophie have been together for four years. My partner has a child to a previous relationship and we want to have another child and expand our family. We are desperate to have a baby. We are very much in love and having a baby means the world to us. Please message if you can help

by louvic » 23 Nov 2012

Hi ChrisMa

We just wanted to say what a lovely post!

Its so lovely to read a message like that from someone who is willing to help others, but who has a real understanding of the struggle and heartache that being in this situation can bring

If its ok with you, we would like to send a private message, to see if perhaps you could offer us the help we so desire

Lou & Vic

by MeMe198 » 02 Dec 2012

hello Chris,
Lovely to read your message im located in Sheffield, South Yorkshire,UK just wondered if you would be able to travel here thanks Ann-Marie xx

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