Donating Sperm

by soulie_81 » 05 May 2009

Hi all,
I am writting to ask peoples general oppinion, when you have given/recieved a sperm donation, have you paid/charged for the services provided? If so, what has been the average cost people have paid/charged? Also, has anyone had to do any medicals??
Thanks very much for your in-put!
Sarah :D

by yavcht123456789 » 29 Jun 2009

Hi Sarah,

Normal practice is just to cover the expenses of the donor, for example any medical checks you want done and possibly any travel expenses - but think most donors wouldn't ask for local travel expenses (and hopefully they are not to far from you anyway).

With regards to medicals - yes have done some. Probably less than 30% ask for medicals and 50% for semen analysis. Guess the medical risk is still fairly low, so can understand why semen analysis is probably more important!


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