Documentary about co-parenting

by webmaster » 19 Feb 2013

I am a documentary film maker and I am hoping to make a sensitive, open-minded documentary about co-parenting partnerships. I’m looking to talk to people who maybe looking for a suitable partner or individuals who are currently co-parenting.

I am currently researching as much information as I can but would be extremely grateful if anybody can offer advice.

I would like to stress at this stage I am just looking to speak to individuals to learn more - there would be no obligation to take things any further and all details would be kept confidential. Also, to tell you a little more about me, Blast Films are an award winning television production company with an outstanding reputation for honest and distinctive films –

If you might be willing to have a chat then please do drop me a line [email protected] otherwise, my sincere thanks for your time and please accept my apologies for any intrusion.

I look forward to hearing from you,


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