Documentary about all the different routes to parenthood

by webmaster » 10 Jun 2015

I am a producer writing from a multi ward winning production company where we are currently working on a new documentary about co-parenting and the different ways to concieve for people looking to have children. I am really interested in speaking to men who are looking to co-parent to hear about their journey and their views on the subject. IF we did find someone via your site it would give you a large amount of exposure on television. It would be great if you could send out/post in the forum the below "advert". Please don't hesitate to get in touch.
Best wishes,

My name is Finn and I am working on a documentary about all the different routes to parenthood. I would really like to talk to men between the ages of 25-45 about their views on fatherhood and their decision to explore entering into a co-parenting relationship. If you are willing to talk, in confidence, please get in touch and I will get straight back to you. [email protected]. October Films is an award-winning independent television production company who have extensive experience working on high quality and intelligent documentaries exploring amazing subjects. More of our work can be seen here

I hope to hear from you soon,

by ste111 » 06 Aug 2015

drop me a line if still looking - i could contribute some thoughts and experiences as a potential donor


by Apple12 » 20 Aug 2015

This sounds like a fantastic idea x

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