I am desperately seeking a sperm Donor in Birmingham

by louiseb » 10 Mar 2013

I am seeking a Sperm Donor, in the West Midlands area. Preferably Birmingham. I am black British; however, I do not have a preference on the race of the donor. So long as you are healthy, no hereditary illnesses, and STI free.

I am desperate to become a mother. I recently found out that my partner is infertile, after several tests. However, we would love to become parents. Please can someone help us have a baby.

Lastly,I am educated, and I have a Degree, and I am maternal. Please contact me, if you are able to help. Thank- you.

by aristok » 13 Mar 2013

I am a white male in my mid 20s.
I have brown hair and blue eyes.
I'm 6ft2 athletic, university educated (BSc Hons), and lead an active lifestyle.
I am fit, healthy and STI free.
I have always thought that having kids is important and would like to help out those who need it.
I look forward to hearing from people wanting to start a family.

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