Desperate for Emme or Dilan Michael

by WantMyEmmeLouise » 12 Jul 2009

Hi there!

I am a 22, almost 23 yr old, and Im longing for a baby!
I graduated college last year after being pushed through by my loving parents. I have my own home and live at the moment with a hose mate.

I have "one in a million" health issues. a condition so rare it doesnt even have a name. Basically, my pituitary gland is disconnected from my brain (rather than connected) so every hormone inside me doesnt work, as your pituitary gland controls them. At this moment my medication to suplement everything my body is missing, eg growth, puberty/period hormones, weight&metabolism etc, is all under review.
Though its obviously something quite complicated, doctors assure me that with IVF i will be able to conceive.

Little complicated me has other issues though too... although i want a child, im not at all interested in sexual activity
and in a perfect world, i guess i would be looking for someone to co-parent with, that could maybe even live with me and the child so we could support each other as a family would, but with no sexual contact, other than hopefully to conceive.This is my perfect scenario! :D

Though should it be that the biological father didnt wish to be involved at all, or semi involved, i would consider this and would more than likely accept these terms, at the hope of having a baby of my own!

Please help! thanks guys!

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