Danish Girl in Spain, looking for sperm donation or coparent

by Trine88 » 11 Aug 2016

I am looking for a guy to donate sperm or join in co-parenting, preferably gay, but if the right straight guy comes along that would be great to! I long to have a baby and have worked hard to make a life where I Can afford it and have time to love and take Care of a child... Please contact me if interested. Distance is hopefully not an issue.

by donator » 15 Aug 2016


I'm really interested, I'm straight and asian male from Leeds. Would you consider long distance coparent?

by donator » 16 Aug 2016


I'm interested in coparenting. I'm based in uk, if your interested then pls let me know

by ilo21 » 06 Sep 2016

Hi. I am interested. I am based in UK and I travel to Spain a lot.. I love Spanish culture and I am learning Spanish now.
Hope to hear from you..

by term27 » 16 Oct 2016

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