How do you know donor is STI free?

by Kenny120 » 01 Aug 2017

Looking for Ai donor, but I'm slightly confused. How do you know donor is STI free?

by SG23Alex » 09 Sep 2017

Get to know him, then if you trust him, ask him.
or if you don't trust him ask to see his letter or texts from the clinic he got tested at with the results.
or if you think he may be devious and fake those, have a willing friend sleep with him and then ask him/her to get tested.

by Pug65 » 12 Sep 2017

A test is only as good as the day the blood was take - impossible to be 100% sure

by Fin76 » 17 Sep 2017

I've been blessed with a happy marriage and children and would like to help others if they're struggling.
If I was in the situation that required a donor I would want to minimise any risks how can potential donors prove that they are pardon the phrase "clean" and how does donation occur as I stand by the vows I took on my wedding day

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