Co parenting - looking for a mummy for my child

by Bri12bri » 10 Aug 2020

I am looking for a co-parenting female, I am a healthy gentleman in a relationship with a wonderful women, who is unable to have children due to health concerns, she had her Fallopian tubes removed and numerous operations. We have discussed being parents and she knows it’s not possible for her, I have a strong desire to be a father and my partner fully supports me with finding a women to co parent with.

I am financially secure, I am healthy, fun to be around and willing to be as present you would want me to be, I have seen numerous profiles on here with ladies wanting sperm donors only, I would help anyone but my desire to be a father is so strong, I don’t want to leave my partner she’s lovely and it was her who found this site for me to pursue my dream of being a father.

I hope the fact that I’m in a relationship does not put you off in anyway, my partner would purely be a best friend for you and of course she would be part of my childs life but she isn’t mum, she doesn’t want to be mum, she wants to see me and hopefully a co parent Male our dreams come true.

I’m happy to send photos of myself, I am 5’11, dark hair, I have Spanish routes so my skin is olive, I’m healthy, positive and a caring empath.

If you want to talk, or want to know more, please message

by Violet92 » 13 Aug 2020

Hi can we talk

by R0B34N » 16 Aug 2020

Aww sorry to head about your partners medical troubles. Hoping shes all good. And thats great that she is surportive.
I am from derby, i am 28 i already have an 8 year old son, but had 4 m/c’s after him. The 3rd one was so scary due to me Haemorrhaging. Thankfully some reason i felt the need to go to a&e, but i felt like i was being daft, and dramatic. Even with collapsing and loosing Conscience.
Hope to hear back from you

by Annakh » 19 Aug 2020

Hi I was wondering if we could have a chat xx

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