Co-parenting in Bristol (female looking for male)

by Nik100 » 30 Aug 2018

I’m a 36-year-old female who has dreamt of having my own family since I can remember. Admittedly the dream also included the perfect husband, lavish wedding, couple of dogs etc, but hey you don’t always get what you dream of, right? Anyway, with my body clock ticking away I’ve realised if I want to make any part of this dream a reality, I should probably be a bit more proactive. … and here I am.

I live in Bristol and have no plans of moving. I run my own business, own my own house and car, and consider myself financially (and emotionally stable). I have the perfect work-life set up to raise a child. Ideally, I’d be looking to co-parent with a like-minded individual. I consider myself pretty paid back, and like to think I have a good sense of humour. I like all of the usual stuff such as socialising, cinema, dining out etc, and I play hockey and squash for both sporting and social reasons.

Anyway, if you think you can help out and would like to chat more, please get in touch.

by Bayonle7 » 01 Sep 2018

I am intresting if you find my profile a match

by Woodland » 22 Sep 2018

Hey we can chat away

by daddyfon » 25 Sep 2018

Hi, I'd love to chat to you. Please send me a message!

by afaqazmi » 26 Sep 2018

I am interested. Let me know when you are available to discuss and proceed.

by Doingwel » 26 Sep 2018

Hi, I'm local to yourself, please feel free to take a look at my profile and message if you would like to know more.

by getnaked » 02 Oct 2018

You have got my interest! Let’s talk so can progress!

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