Co-Parenting Documentary

by loumitchell » 29 May 2009

Hello All,

Ginger TV is currently developing a sensitive documentary on the subject of Co-Parenting and we’re looking to talk to those that may have started the process as well as those that are just thinking about embarking upon it.

If you’re interested in being involved in our documentary or just having a chat about your decision to Co-Parent, it would be great if you could email us at [email protected] with your details and I'll give you a call at a time convenient to you or you can call us on 020 7882 1047.

Talking to us, does not mean that you have to take part in our film, it'd just be great for us to hear from a range of people who feel this is the right option for them.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this,

Best Wishes

Ginger TV

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