Co-parenting as friends

by Friends2 » 06 Feb 2018

Has it worked out for anyone?

I'm a Caucasian female with a mixed race 5 year old son whom I would love to have a sibling for.

I would ideally like a black/mixed co-parent but this is not an absolute deal breaker. Sharing a child with someone I feel I would have to really get to know and trust the person and I would want AI but if I really knew and trusted the person NI would be considered

I have fertility problems and I'm not expecting to fall pregnant on the first try as much as I would love that to happen. Emotionally I found my first pregnancy very hard but physically it was ideal and he's a very healthy, happy intelligent boy. I can't read messages without upgrading/send more than one currently

Ideally I would find someone to be a best friend with and share a child with.

by Kazy75 » 07 Feb 2018

I have interest and ready to discuss further on it

by Friends2 » 11 Feb 2018

I haven't yet paid up for membership to be able to read messages... I do intend to in a few weeks

by s1t9e89 » 01 Mar 2018

Hi am interested..where is it your from? :)

by Youngest » 01 Apr 2018

Hello though not a black or mixed black but I am Eastern Asian and Austronesian (if you did not know what this is think of Maori and Hawaiian) mixed
And I really enjoy spend time with children, I’ve always wanted to stay friends with my children whether they know who the father is or not. It’d really work for me and I can also make friends with your big boy if you like

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