Co-Parenting 18year old

by Gman1 » 05 Jul 2009

Hello, I am an eighteen year old in which would love to become a father,
due to recent events i have found out that life is to short and anything can happen,
I would love to have a child and play a role

Is there anyone who wishes to be the mother of my child?

by rainbowmummy » 04 Aug 2009

i think its great you want this so young and i whole heartedly agree about life being too short but even i wouldnt entertain the idea at your age. however be careful who you pick as they may just use you fro sperm and ou may not get your role as daddy!
there are plenty of young teenage girls out there desparate for a baby and she may be closer to home i you actually found someone who wanted this and was willing to ttc asap!! and you will get to see child?
good luck in your journey id love to help but i personally want to go it alone!

by katielou » 10 Aug 2009

hi darl, i know what u mean bout life been to short, i found out 10 months ago my dad had stomack and gullet cancer and all i could think bout was how he has seen my brothers have there children but how he cud maybe never see me have my first baby, and i was pregnant at 16 and really wanted the father involved even though we wasn't together and he was with sum one else unfortuantly i lost the baby, i just want to find a fella who wants to be involved in the babys life, i wud even consider moving closer to the babys dad so were all happy, please get bk in contact so we can talk more about it x x

by Naomi92 » 28 Dec 2010

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