Co-parent/Partner wanted!

by Rose80 » 14 Dec 2016

Ideally, I am looking for a partner to start a family with. Otherwise, a co-parent. I recently came out of a relationship, having found out that my partner does not want children. I have achieved everything else I wanted to in life, including professional success. A family/child is the one thing that is missing now. My heritage is Indian but I was born and raised in the UK. I am looking for a Caucasian man. My Mum says I am very pretty! :) I would like to spend some time getting to know someone first before embarking on trying for a child.

by Ju2002 » 17 Dec 2016

Hello - I am also looking for a co-parent. I am 37 years old based in London. I am French but have been leaving in the UK for the last 7 years. I will be happy to chat if you are interested :)

by Jr69 » 23 Dec 2016

47 m Dartford London looking to co-parent will you be interested in me

by Marius » 27 Dec 2016

I would be delighted to be considered

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