Co-parent Or Sperm Donor Needed!

by ChelDoyle » 30 Dec 2015

Hello everybody. My name is Chelsey and I am a twenty year old single woman who desperately wants a child. Ideally, I am looking for a man who is interested in co-parenting as I believe it is very important that a child has both of its parents in its life, especially as it grows up, although I am willing to consider a sperm donor instead. I would like my co-parent to be between the ages of twenty years old and thirty five years old, although I may consider somebody who is slightly older if I believe they are the right donor for me. I live in Quinton, Birmingham (The West Midlands) and I have irregular menstrual cycles, which means that my ovulation dates are not easily calculated so I would need to find somebody who could reach me on short notice. :D

by Romio74 » 24 Jan 2016

Hi, How are you? I am ready to help as coparent on short notice, I am quite intelligent ,caring, kind
Let us chat soon and work things out.
I Hope To Hear From You soon.

by Asif420 » 24 Jan 2016

Hi I can help please get in touch with me. I am looking to co parent and I am 35 yo.

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