Clueless what is needed to do AI at home

by Julieann2 » 11 Nov 2010

Hi, My partner and I are looking for a donor and whilst we have come across someone we like the sound of here we don't know hat to do next. We need to know what is needed to do AI at home and were we would obtain the medical supplies required? Can anyone assist us?

Thanks in advance

by Tom10 » 13 Nov 2010

Practice lots using a 10ml syringe, very slowly draw in about 5ml of water (in reality too quickly & you can kill the sperm) take position, pelvis raised maybe using a cushion & insert syringe as close to the cervix as poss, then SLOWLY inseminate trying to be as relaxed as you can, you don't want to loose any fluid when withdrawing the syringe, this is easily done...however on the day don't panic if you only takes 1 sperm.
On the day stay with you pelvis raised for approx 25mins after insemination & relax.
Leave the sperm in the pot for about 20mins before inseminating, don't worry its fine, it can last up to 8hrs i believe.
Don't keep it warm if you need to keep it on hold for a while, its best cooled then the sperm slows down, once inseminated it soon reaches body temp & away they go!! (They only have so much energy)

Never wash your pot & syringe with detergents etc, always use boiling water & microwave as you would sterilise baby bottles.

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