Children looking to co parent or donation

by Timmy1 » 17 Sep 2017

Hi I'm looking for someone to have children with I'm 6ft blue eyes no genetic illnesses in the family clean sexual health high in emotional intelligence and creative financially secure not to bad looking I've been told feel free to contact me if you looking to co parent or donation but would still like to see the child but from a distance if that's what you wanted as I didn't have the chance to have more children in my life until now.

by Bernos » 26 Sep 2017

Hi. Timmy,
Just wondering if you have already found someone?
Please let me know if you still looking?
Thank you

by Tas123 » 19 Oct 2017

Hi T

Have you found a co-parent or still looking?
How would you share the parenting responsibility? 50/50?
What method of insemination?
Do you have children already?


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