Caring, Smart, Successful 38 yrs old - citizen of the world!

by LuciMa » 04 Sep 2018

I am an normal girl, but one who has dedicated a disproportionate amount of time towards my career. Then blink - Shit - I am 38!

Well, not quite - but..

Coming from a well educated, but not privileged background - I found myself working very hard from very early on - not because I needed to do so, BUT because I NEEDED to do it myself.

It has been a long road - one that I loved every minute of it. But foremost, one that allowed me to break all pre-conceived ideas of my somewhat conservative upbringing/ framework - which forced me to build from little but enabled me to become the person I am very proud of having grown into today!

In parallel - I have always felt I would love to be a mother, but also felt a child should not be brought into this world unless a parent/s can provide - In one way I wanted to ensure I was foremost financially stable, but in reality, I wanted to ensure I would be able to spend real quality time with the child, yet not have to worry too much about the mortgage, and goodness forbid, counting pennies - without feeling dependant on someone.

But turns out, balancing the long career road and finding the right partner wasn't a given (even though for most of my adult life I have been a petite size 6 - DD with flawless skin and pretty awesome luscious hair). So, yes I had many suitors ready to whisk me away - but I was just not that kind of girl.

Therefore, here I am, fully aware I was probably a little harsh on the boys along the years - yet fully aware I am also a realist, and the facts are:

- I am more than ready to be a mom
- I can provide well for the baby
=> but finding the right father is not an easy task / choice.

I believe that everyone should have the choice/access/ability and contact with their biological lineage - therefore, co-parenting sounds appealing - but open to donors too.

Foremost, right now I wonder if there are a wannabe daddies out there who genuinely would like to co-parent with like minded people.

If so, PM me - as I would love to talk some more.


by Bayonle7 » 05 Sep 2018

Hi I am intresting if you find my profile suitable for you choice

by Makingba » 14 Sep 2018

I can help if you like message me and we can arrange something

by wayne47 » 04 Dec 2018

Check my profile let's chat

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