Can a Christian coparent?

by Miriam20 » 26 Mar 2020

Just wondering, as a Christian or someone with traditional values of family, who has been abstaining, I am getting to that point in my life where it’s hard not to worry about conceiving after 35. Are there other Christians who face this dilemma and how do you feel about co- parenting outside of marriage. The ideal would be to find someone, get married and then have children, but if you haven’t found that special someone, how do you feel about this?

by Ashraf » 29 Mar 2020

Can you Pm me please, we can discuss that.

by Seasidem » 19 Apr 2020

I am in exactly the same situation ! I am a christian and so desperately want to raise a child. I have spent years trying to find a partner, marry and have a child in the traditional way but sadly this hasn't happened. I can't image my life without a family and I'm trying to come to a suitable solution before its too late. Any discussion, help or advice in this would be so appreciated !
God bless, Em

by Ash5490 » 19 May 2020

Hi guys I feel your pain I been holding out for the right lady to come along for years with good family values and morals. I feel like time is running out on myside as well.

I would like to get to know like minded people . If you would like to message me and we could have a chat I would love that.

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