Broody, baby now

by AvaMarie » 25 Oct 2019

Hi there

Looking to seek a sperm donor around London but if it takes me out of London to find what I want then so be it. Im a full time lesbian lol leaving and enjoying life with my wife to be and our daughter who is now in secondary. We have been thinking hard about having another child and the time is right. Please for anyone who is serious let us know if you can be our guardian angel to help us with the next step into our future.


by Carl974 » 25 Nov 2019

Hi, I'm interested in helping you. If you could travel to me in Colchester that'd be great otherwise I'd be happy to travel to you in London. Hope to talk soon

by Criskool » 14 Dec 2019

I would be willing to donate, but would need you to send me a photo first. I have to insist though if you are really serious about this proposal, then you consider it strongly, and take it very seriously because you need to incorporate every bodies plans, and be prepared to make efforts yourself to point out the implications. You may also have a complex personal life, or even a perfectly happy one you dont want altered but you need to take some control of yourself, and also know you can do it.

by Criskool » 14 Dec 2019

Am interested in this

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