Black women wants no co-parenting,option involvement/contact

by Trii » 14 May 2020

Warm greetings ,

I am a black (light-skinned) women,born and raised in the UK,who is straight and a Christian. I am a single mother of 1 child, she will turn 4 in July. We reside in a two bedroom flat, within the surrounding area of Dartford .

I am kind,supportive, caring ,warm-hearted, attentive and sensitive to other people's needs has the joy of giving and helping others. As well as,I am intelligent and educated ,despite having dyslexia.

Growing up I always envisioned a life that consisted of marriage and having a family of my own ( as I have never had and grew up with family,parent,parents) I always had the desire to have a big family I can call my own,which hasn't happened. I have been single for 4 years and recently tried online dating and I have not been successful in finding a good person .

I would love to grow a family and for my little one to grow up with siblings. I am looking for no co-parenting ,with option of involvement and contact with the child.

I am looking for a good person who is either one of these; Intelligent, Educated , Entrepreneur, Successful, Humanitarian,Philanthropist with qualities to be ;respectful,selfless and has patience, good-hearted....and is open to having more children.

Warning Must have have UK citizenship/passport!!!

Look forward to hearing from you

Kind Regards,


by munster » 17 May 2020

Hi I am older 60 interested help you if u want

by Foxywolf » 17 May 2020

Hello Trisha,

I hope I meet some of your requirements. I have a job in Quality for a company making precision metal products. I also have a side hustle promoting savings on essential household spending. Like you, I am a Christian. You live in Deptford, I live in Basingstoke but (used to) visit London almost every week. I have a four bedroomed ex-council house, mortgage mercifully long gone.

Like you, I am black but fairly dark. I grew up in Sierra Leone, but I had a British passport before I came to Britain in 1974.

I have never been married nor had children. I regret the latter in particular. You do well to already have a daughter. However, I did make a woman pregnant in 1983, she had an abortion.

Hopefully we can make further contact.


by Lkane76 » 18 May 2020

I would be willing to help the only problem is I live in Birmingham

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