Black/Mixed Race Man Wanted for Co-Parenting

by OMFS » 26 May 2019


I am a Caucasian (white) woman with a beautiful mixed race child. I am a single Mother but would love to give her a brother or sister. I am looking for a black or mixed race man who would donate sperm but hopefully also be involved in the new baby's life as a co-parent. I am kind, caring, intelligent, educated and financially stable. My friends and family say I'm a wonderful Mother. Please get in touch if you think you can help.


by MND98 » 01 Jun 2019

Perhaps I could help.

I'm not looking to be involved at all though, not because I wouldn't want to but rather because I'm still studying full time.

by quietguy » 04 Jun 2019


How is you search going? I read your profile and you clearly have a well rounded plan of action and will create that loving environment.

I would be interested in talking this through further.

by kazla » 04 Jun 2019

I read your post and I am happy to show my intrest and be happy to be in the baby life

by Ashraf » 13 Jun 2019


Can you please check my profile, and see if you might consider helping!


by abm » 19 Jun 2019

I am interested. Contact me

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