Black male wanted

by ChrissyS » 28 Jan 2019

Looking for a young, fit handsome intelligent Black male who can help me fulfil my dream of a big family. I'm in Scotland.

by BESTDAD8 » 28 Jan 2019

Ohh . Would have love to help but I live in London unfortunately

by Smoothwi » 29 Jan 2019

Hello Chrissy, how you choose to extract the sperm is up to you but I'm happy and comfortable to present myself. I'm a 31 year old young black gentle man. Let me know your thoughts.

by RusO » 06 Feb 2019

Im definitely happy to help. Contact me for further info.

by Manolos » 12 Feb 2019

I live in Newcastle and happy to help.

by Goldman » 09 Apr 2019

i would be happy to help if you are still in need of black male sperm donor

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