Black lesbian couple looking 4 black donor London /Sweden

by gracej » 30 Mar 2016

We are a lesbian couple who have been together for four years. We’re both black and raised in Sweden and are both working as social workers.

We now want to have a child together and are seeking a black donor. It is important to us that our child has a black donor and that our child will be able to identify as black since the baby will grow up with black parents and relatives.

We are willing to travel to London because we have family there.

We would want to do this privately so no clinics. But still using the method of artificial insemination and not intercourse.

Let us know if you are interested and have further questions.

Kind regards,

by Archiles » 31 Mar 2016

Hi ladies.

I would like to help but I live in Barcelona which unfortunately doesn't seem to be a destinatión you like to reach. Other wise, If you think it can Work out for you to come around then am available to help.
Write me, please.

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