Black handsome man looking for coparent

by Akin » 03 Feb 2016

I am looking to coparent with a like mind,want to be a dad to a wonderful child and will absolutely want to play a part in the life of the child.
I am fit,healthy and open to discussions and arrangements.

Thank you,


by mariedp » 10 Feb 2016

Where do you live?

by Akin » 16 Mar 2016

Sorry am replying late,been out of town, l live in Manchester

by softty » 19 May 2016

30 yr old Healthy Black Male, father of one looking to help. I would love the opportunity of co- parenting please. Get back to me as soon as you can . ..I have a very strong desire to father a child and pass my genes on.

I'd welcome the opportunity to help out a family-minded woman with a similar urge to procreate. I'm open-minded about how this might happen. I do have a son which shows am fertile and would love to have more I've never had any STIs.

I'm willing to be a known donor and relaxed about being named as the father. I believe children should be able to know who their parents are. I'm also open to future contact or possibly co-parenting if mutually desired.

If you can provide a stable and loving home for a child then I'm not unduly concerned about your age or circumstances. I'm a gentle, understanding and considerate man who's not at all 'pushy'. I'm open to exchanging emails, chatting or meeting without any expectations or obligations either way. I'm not busy at the moment so have plenty of time to share and can travel around the North-West and further afield.

We'd probably get on best if you were fairly bright, well informed, nature loving, and maybe a little unconventional, but this is by no means essential. Please kindly get back to me regardless the color and we can talk more about this .. who knows we can become parent in months to come.

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