Black female seeks an attractive white male to co-parent wit

by broody_ » 18 Sep 2015

I've got a toddler through a past relationship and would like to give her siblings.

I'm interested in co-parenting, so not looking for sperm donors.

I'm interested in someone who would want to have more than one child with me as I do not wish to introduce any more baby fathers in my life.

If a romantic relationship develops, I would welcome it, otherwise I'm happy with the co-parenting.

I prefer someone who didn't smoke or has a love for the bottle.

I am looking for someone close to my age and I am not looking for anyone married.

I work shift duties and work in the transport industry. I am an attractive black female blessed with a youthful look.

Thanks for reading.

by Noah » 21 Sep 2015

I might fit most of your requirements
Would you like to chat ?

by broody_ » 07 Oct 2015

Sorry I've only seen this.

Yes sure.

Please feel free to message me.


by Peter80 » 12 Oct 2015

HI broody are you still looking

by broody_ » 17 Oct 2015

Hi, thanks.

Yes :(

by Niwh2 » 19 Nov 2015

Hi are you still looking for a co parent?

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