Black female 34, wanting to have children want good match

by JR34 » 10 Jan 2015

Black female 34, wanting to have children. Would prefer a guy who would be actively involved in children's life but I would want to be primary child carer. I live and work in London. I would like to have a child in 2016, so would like to take this year to get to know someone to make sure we are a good match.

Please contact me

by LawCell » 20 Jan 2015

Hi how are you?

by jayhawk » 20 Jan 2015

Are you wanting a black guy or white, British Born?
I have no children, not because I did not want them, but because my 2nd wife had 2 kids and could have no more.
I am not a young stud, but do have a girlfriend in China, as this is where my business is located, but re visit UK in between as our house is in Dorset, but we have nothing left in common after a 20 year marriage
I am healthy, fit and active with no diseases that could be passed on
2016 sounds also good for me, as this year I am busy overseas, but always passing through London


by JR34 » 01 Feb 2015

I do not mind the ethnicity of the man, but would like them to be British born.

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