Black donor wanted

by QueenZ » 05 Oct 2016

White lesbian looking for black sperm donor for AI only Birmingham ASAP

by mane34 » 06 Oct 2016

So Good evening Emma,
Are we talking a black guy or a darkish white guy?
I am very keen to have our child without the sex!

by ibb » 06 Oct 2016

hi there i wish i can donate my sperm and help you to have a baby.

by QueenZ » 09 Oct 2016

No I'm looking for a full black sperm donor. Thanks

by QueenZ » 10 Oct 2016

I would appreciate that. Are you in Birmingham?

by QueenZ » 11 Oct 2016

Any black sperm donors, with clean upto date health checks? If so get in touch as I'm ovulating this week!!

by Tembasam » 18 Sep 2018

Hi, I think i can be able to help, get back

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