Black donor wanted in Edinburgh or Bristol/Somerset

by mariedp » 19 May 2015

Looking for an Afro-Caribbean donor for AI in either Edinburgh between now and July or in Bristol/North Somerset from August...

Please let me know if you can help, thanks.

by jessiwt » 16 Aug 2015

Hi, i also looking for a black donor in the Bristol area, I just wondered if you have been successful if you don't mind me asking? Thanks

by mariedp » 13 Oct 2015

No, not yet. Have you?

by Godaz32 » 15 Oct 2015

Hi I'm a black sperm donor I'm interested in helping you if you still need a donor

by DandyGent » 17 Oct 2015

Black donor here to assist

by mariedp » 10 Feb 2016

I'm still looking

by jessiwt » 12 Feb 2016

Nope not yet! Still looking too. Seems very hard to find a genuine donor...

by darksed1 » 23 Feb 2016

Black gent here happy to assist

by Leighsa81 » 01 Mar 2016

I'm despwratly looking for a black or mixed donor but I'm the london/west Sussex areas if anyone can help?

by nev35 » 19 Aug 2016

black donor birmingham

by Tanisha2 » 05 Mar 2017

Hi I am a Jamaican couple that needs a Caribbean sperm donor good looking

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