Bilingual Coparenting?

by Jjholmes » 09 Feb 2020


I am looking at coparenting and I was wondering what other people's opinions on bilingual coparenting are.

I only speak English fluently and am learning French as a second language. I always wanted the opportunity to have a second language and so have considered finding a way to do this for my child/children through bilingual coparenting.

My most likely coparent does not have a second language. He seems kind and we have met up and get on.

I am trying to decide whether to drop the bilingual idea or not. When I have spoken with family and friends, their responses have been mixed.

I thought I would open it up to this site for advice and ideas as it is the coparenting community and multinational.

Please post your thoughts.



by Sonix77 » 17 Feb 2020


I believe the idea is amazing! I am native Spanish speaker and I have seen how kids learn a second language in a blink!
Perdido with i

by Jjholmes » 23 Feb 2020

Thanks Sonia :)

by Rick20 » 02 Mar 2020

Very god idea, when the kids learn from a young age, they speak effortlessly and with a deeper language understanding..

I am multilingual and open to opportunities to help others..

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