by Kitronic » 10 Mar 2017

Hello there is there any Belfast women on here that would like to have a relationship, Information is on my profile and can we chat on here in the forums?

by kitro34 » 10 Mar 2017

Sorry my account got deleted and this is my new account.

by missyD34 » 10 Mar 2017

Hi i'm from belfast...we could maybe chat and see if we hit it of

by Kitropop » 13 Mar 2017

Sorry again this is my current account i kept getting deleted I think it's fixed now x yes i would like to chat to see how we get on is there a way to get in contact with you somehow?

by Kitropop » 14 Mar 2017

In the risk of a double post I was wondering do you pay for this site?

by Jules45 » 14 Mar 2017

Hi I'm from Belfast ,Julie

by Vam08 » 22 Mar 2017

Hi, I'm
Local guy in belfast area looking for a partner to have a child with.. ive my own business and home.. is say I'm good looking.. the only thing missing in my life is a child.. contact me to see if we can meet up for a coffee..

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