BBC Documentary Research

by JamieDoc » 02 Dec 2016


I'm researching a potential documentary series on co-parenting on behalf of the BBC.

I would really like to speak to anyone who is co-parenting to learn more about how you came to the decision to co-parent, how you found a parenting partner, and how the reality of co-parenting has compared to your expectations.

At this stage I'm mainly looking to speak to people who are currently co-parenting, but as the project moves forward I would certainly hope to speak to those who are looking to begin co-parenting in the future.

Any time you can spare to speak to me about your experiences would be greatly appreciated, and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch. Right now I'm just looking for people to talk with either by email or phone rather than filming, and I'm happy to call whenever suits your schedule.

Thank you,

Jamie Bolland
Development Producer
Finestripe Productions
[email protected]

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