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by webmaster » 27 May 2011

The BBC is hoping to make a cluster of documentaries looking at modern family life in the UK. As a part of that, we'd like to make a film about gay/lesbian and/or straight (or both!) co-parenting. I'd be very keen to talk to families who are co-parenting at the moment, or who are starting the process of having a baby with a co-parent. Please don't feel that by talking to me at this stage you'd be committing to anything! I'd like to know about your experiences of having a child, how families and friends reacted, what it's like to co-parent etc. We're aware that TV doesn't always have the best reputation for being sensitive, but I think the key is to find a family who have an interesting situation and a story to tell, but also to reflect that family life for gay/lesbian couples is just that - normal family life. It would be great to hear from you -

please feel free to contact me on [email protected].

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