Bad donors pressures women into having sex or performing sex

by Exotic » 01 Aug 2010

He is a very active sperm donor, who is well known for being infertile, charges excessive amounts for donations, will charge the recipient for hotels, lingerie, and restaurant expenses. He pressures women into having sex or performing sex acts to complete a donation which had initially been agreed to as AI.

He is allegedly 33 and comes from galway ireland. He is also known to use multiple aliases to back up his claim to have fathered children.

He currently goes by the alias John22 on this site, and is active as of today. If you're using this donor, then I urge you to reconsider.

by ethania » 03 Aug 2010

Hey, he's checked me out, and I'm a guy! So I guess his well has truly run dry? The bit about him being infertile is a classic but obv not funny if you lined him up. Someone should set him up and post the video on youtube? Its mean to ask for loads of money.

by paul73 » 14 Sep 2010

that would be john murphy or john mcmanus then, but i think hes changed his username to some thing different on here now.

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