background checks

by Shelly32 » 09 Jul 2016

Me and my partner are considering this option, however is there a preferred method of getting potential donors checked for STI's without offending them or scaring them off?

by JMcL » 16 Jul 2016

Hi there - Im not an expert, or qualified in such fields, but here's my advice.
Follow your intuition.
Basically, asking a donor to get checked for Stis/STDs is fair enough as both you as recipient and any resulting baby would be at risk.
The only legitimate way for folk to get checked is via their G.P. or their local G.U.M. clinic - very often they offer a walk in service and can send a certificate out/offer a telephone results service. If you are not sure of the telephone results number - Google it, as otherwise it is possible to fake.
They will also then have to be happy sharing their real identity, date of birth and address with you as that information will be required.
You can cross reference it with their driving license - but it you are getting odd vibes and bull**** it might be better to chose a different donor anyway or to resume your search.
Be wary of anything else less official as results can be faked.
If someone is, however, telling you that they are struggling to get the time off of work to go, be patient - they are probably telling the truth - but if its important to you - ask them to go anyway.

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