A baby but at what price ?

by sensate » 21 Oct 2012

From what i have seen This site has a higher proportion of lesbians than single heterosexual women looking for a sperm donor .
With the majority of males looking for N.i conception and the gay community only wanting A.I its quite clear that someone has to compromise or the population wont rise .
I fully understand the dilemma, as i would never consider gay sex, much the same as a lesbian woman wouldn't take my penis .
But then what if the result is a baby that you crave more than anything else in your life? ...would you then concede and do N.I to get a better response of the males here?
Maybe its time to ask how much you want the baby ? N.I -£5K -IVF ?

by JMcL » 22 Oct 2012

Interesting rant, however I don't think all donors are the same, mate.
Im happy doing A.I. and its free, gratis, no price.

by sensate » 03 Dec 2012

iNteresting rant?
more like a genuine observation mate.

by paul1lp » 01 Jan 2013

Hi I think this is a interesting post by (sensate) He is just pointing out problems faced by singles and couples on sites like these.
Lets be honest here, if you look at forum posts NI posts receive more replies than AI posts and what replies we see in the forum are just the tip of the iceberg to what the NI poster will receive via private messages.

I feel sorry for single females and couples faced with the decision of waying up the pros and cons of both methods.

Take NI Pros - more replies to your profile - bigger choice of donors - time from finding a donor to conception speeded up - donor more likely to turn up - donor more likely to see the process through and not bale out - its free.
Cons - Its a intimate act (you need to be single minded and have a strong relationship with your partner if a couple) - a high level of trust with the donor needed - donors attracted to your profile for the wrong reasons (not as a prober donor) - can the donor perform when needed.

AI Pros - no intimacy - don't need to be in the same room or building - go betweens can be involved.
Cons - fewer replies to your profile - less choice of donors - takes longer to find a suitable donor - donor more likely not to turn up - donor more likely to drop out of process - some donors charge.

There are other methods of conception, but there is a process which is a sort of half way house between the two above methods thats PI conception, a lot of people are becoming more aware of it and choosing this method.

PI Pros - more replies to your profile - bigger choice of donors - time from finding a donor to conception speeded up.- donor more likely to turn up - donor more likely to see the process through - its free.
Cons - still intimate a act (but lasts seconds not tens of minutes) DIY work done prior by the donor - donors attracted to your profile for the wrong reasons (not as a prober donor)

People seem to be more coming round to PI now especially lesbian singles and couples.

Am shore people could come up with more pros and cons for all these above methods. No method is the best method its just your personal choice. You can be as rigid in your choice as you want and not divert from it or you can be flexible and open.

I have helped two couples in the past conceive one via trying AI&PI methods they where close friends as well, and the other from NI method. I was honored to help and also realize the huge amount of trust they both placed in me and I have that nice feeling that somewhere there are two special little people toddling around this planet who would not be here for not my help and money can not buy that. :D

Paul1lp Healthy Sperm Donor
Via AI - PI - NI

by SWGirl » 17 Jan 2013

Wow you guys.. if you donate sperm through NI, you face parental responsibility as well as financial obligation to the child. Are you even aware of that? You'll be paying for that baby the rest of your lives even if you don't want anything to do with it. On the other hand if you choose AI you're purely donating and face no financial commitment to the child since you haven't been intimate with it's mother. Re-search British law on this.

by Mother1 » 09 Feb 2013

Interesting points made by the OP.

I think its important we don't put people off who want NI. Not all mother's to be will seeking financial support who want NI. I have seen many profiles on here from women who are happy with the natural method but stress they want no contact after, that includes financial responsibility. If the father's name is not on the child's birth Certificate or the parents are not married then parental responsibility becomes difficult to evidence.

by Sera1 » 17 Feb 2013

In reply to sensate,
A lot of lesbian couples have several obstacles to overcome before considering NI.
My partner lives with MRKH so she could never conceive or carry a child, I, myself, have been the victim of a vicious rape many years ago and the thought of sleeping with a man traumatises me.
So please think before you start saying we should just basically, do it!

by Lexx » 30 Apr 2013

Hey! Could you please tell me, how much would I have to pay for NI or Al insemination?


by SouthUK » 07 May 2013

Personally I have no problems donating via either AI or NI and I wouldn't consider charging. Not even expenses so long as I am not travelling huge distances.

I leave the choice purely to the female or couple. And u have no objections to donating to lesbian couples


by JMcL » 11 May 2013

In answer to lexx, you shouldn't have to pay anything other than a contribution towards petrol money.
Otherwise, even though there are grey areas here, a donor charging a recipient for semen donation is against the law.

by baby_dad » 04 Jun 2013

If reply to SW Girl, yes your statemt is true concening NI. What you fail to mention is that a donor can still be held liable for child support even if you are donating via AI. In the eyes of the courts it makes no differene unless you donating through a doctor and it's considerec a medical procedure. So to imply that a donor is "safer" donating by AI is not ture. Read your literature.

by a90210 » 28 Jun 2013

NI is the best way to have a baby scientifically proven so it is best to find someone who is willing and have an open mind. My guidlines is i want to father a child ni gives the best sperm and its fact. I only wnat to know that the mother or couple will be able to take care of the child and its loved and wanted

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