Attractive successful girl URGENTLY seeking donor/coparent

by BabyDream1 » 24 Jan 2016

Am based 50/50 between GLASGOW and BIRMINGHAM - am kind, loving, successful, caring, friendly and honest to a fault.

Cant WAIT to be a mummy :) Its what I want most in the world. But just never met the right guy!! :(

Am 100% independent so not looking for any financial or emotional help - but would love my little one to know his/her daddy and know they were the miracle little product of a planned, careful, considered unison with a good, decent, kind man.

Can anyone help please?

x x

by Stu1982 » 25 Jan 2016

Hi would love to help and be part of the baby's life too, also happy to pay my share. AI also is good for me as not in this for underhanded sexual reasons if that makes sense. Let me know what you think?

by Romio74 » 26 Jan 2016

How are you? I am here to help, I am from south wales which 2 hours away from Birmingham.
I am kind, responsible, caring, thoughful, let me know if you alright with me.
Kind Regards

by BabyDream1 » 26 Jan 2016

I definitely wouldn't consider A.I under any circumstances, no. What would be your reasons to prefer this if not sexual Stu?

I will try to look you both up and message privately - if not can you please contact me on my user name above?

Thanks in advance :) x

by Stu1982 » 28 Jan 2016

I think u are mixing ai and ni up again? Ai involves not sex!

by Abe1000 » 29 Jan 2016

Hey check me out. Coventry guy here.

by BabyDream1 » 29 Jan 2016

Hi yes you are correct sorry - for some reason I misread your message and thought you were saying you would only consider direct (natural) insemination. Profuse apologies.

I did send a message to your inbox to explain and apologise?

by Harry77 » 29 Jan 2016

Happy to discuss further.

by Songbird7 » 30 Jan 2016

Hi are you still looking for a donor, if so message for details,thank you.

by Giftof » 05 Feb 2016

happy to help you if you still need help, AI only.

by jaytn5 » 10 Feb 2016

if ur still looking im here

by CJJ82 » 20 Apr 2016

Happy to talk more if you like my profile.

by workwork » 09 May 2016

soo ideal for me

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