Attractive female looking for a co-parent in Edinburgh

by Virsavia » 07 Feb 2016

Hello everyone

I am looking for a man in Edinburgh who would become a father of my child/children - not just a biological, but a real father. It's not just a sperm donor I'm looking for, it's a reliable man who would be involved in every aspect of my child's life - i.e. be a real father. If you are looking for the same thing - please get in touch. Caucasians only, please.

by cki1992 » 10 Feb 2016


Would be great to chat more and get to know you!

I'm looking for the same thing! x

by Chad1983 » 17 Jan 2017

Please take a look at my profile and let me know if you would like any more details or have any more questions.
all the best :)

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