Attractive Black lady looking for white tall man

by Angel00 » 18 May 2016

I've already got a son who is nearly 7 but would like to give him siblings.

I am an attractive black female with a nice figure and a nice youthful look.
I'm interested in someone who would want to have more than one child with me
I am looking for someone who is over 6ft 2in tall and single from 30 to 40 years old who is interesting in co-parenting
If a romantic relationship develops, I would welcome it.
No smoker welcome, thanks

I'm not looking for sperm donors, sorry

by yiorgos » 04 Jun 2016


I'm 50 years old and only 6 ft tall, does it mean that I'm out of the running?


by Angel00 » 10 Jul 2016

I am afraid yiorgos

by TaylorL » 16 Jul 2016

I'm a 32 year old white male 6ft tall looking for a co parent relationship.

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