Attractive and intependent woman looking for sperm donor

by Alex7777 » 26 Jan 2016

Looking for sperm donor or co parent... I would love to have child but don't have a person to have the child with. So I am here looking for help!

by wayne47 » 29 Jan 2016

Hi alex am in liverpool happy to coparent with youl

by Giftof » 05 Feb 2016

hi there, i am happy to help you as AI donor only, as i am happily married with my own kids so can't co-parent

by frankiemol » 09 Feb 2016

Hi Alex

I'm also looking for a female co parent. Have you managed to find a potential person?

I am also a successful, independent and attractive (maybe) haha.

Would you like to talk?

by simon73 » 24 Oct 2016

Coparenting dad ftom wirral merseyside can I help thankyou

by Tanisha2 » 06 Mar 2017

I'm Jamaican lesbian I would like Caribbean sperm donor

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