Atractive female, 37, looking for a man for co-parenting..

by malena0 » 14 Sep 2013


i am very happy to had found this site as this is in my mind for a while..

I am 37 years old, mediterranean background, working in London.

I would like to share this beautiful experience with someone who is willing to spend some time with me and the child sometimes,help financially and has similar outlook of life in order to raise the child accordingly.
If you are interested please send me a message...

Malena :D :)

by Wilse79 » 06 Oct 2013

Hi, I'd be interested in chatting to see if we could work something out? :D

by ttpaul » 14 Jan 2014

Hi malena,i,m interested xx paul

by Niwh2 » 19 Nov 2015

Hi I'm Nick, I'm interested, are you still looking? X

by Romio74 » 24 Jan 2016

Hi,How are you doing? I wonder if you still looking, if yes please let us chat more and work things out, I am responsible, caring, came from Mediterranean background too I hope it will match your needs for the child features.
Kind Regards

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