Asian sperm donor in Surrey, England

by Arman » 17 Mar 2013

Hi, everyone
I am 32 y.o. asian male. I have brown eyes and black hair.
I'm 175cm height, 73 kg weight, athletic shape. I am fit, healthy and STI free.
I speak 4 languages and have 2 higher educations (technical and humanitarian).
I have always thought that having children is important and would like to help those who need it. I can share my experience on baby planning (not only physical conditions, but other factors to take into account).
I'm looking forward to hearing from people dreaming about childen.

by journod » 22 May 2013

Hi Arman,

I am a journalism student doing a story on the shortage of Asian sperm donors in the UK.

I would really like to speak to you about why you donate and how important it is to form part of my story. I would not need too much of your time but it would help me greatly.

My website is if you want to see where I have been published.

My email is [email protected] if you are interested.

Best wishes,


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